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About Us
The company SINTERFACE Technologies was founded in October 1998 by Dr. Alexander Makievski and Dr. Reinhard Miller. Coming from field of Physics and Chemistry of Interfacial Layers they decide to apply their experience for developping  scientific instruments. SINTERFACE is active particularly in the fields of designing new measurement technique and its programming for application in Colloid and Interface Science and Automation in Laboratory Applications.
SINTERFACE product line reaches a global marketplace. We are committed to providing the best customer service through our experienced staff and other trained, global representatives. Management stands behind its Quality System which supports and ensures customer requirements are met and fully satisfied.

Our team has expertise in designing sceintific instruments for the characterization of interfacial layers. This includes quite a number of scientific and technological fields, such as tensiometry, interfacial dilational and shear rheology, contact angle and wetting, liquid films, foams and emulsions. Due to the involvation in scientific and devopment projects, the instruments are not only designed, developed, produced, tested and sold but also used in practice. Thus, members of our team co-author many publications in scientific and technical journals and books.Consulting of customers means therefore not simply to convince them buy our products but to demonstrate the advantages and disadvantages of various products and find out the optimum instrumentation for respective problems to be solved – from own experience. Service for customers means that we use an optimum selection of instruments to study customers’ systems, analyse the received data on the basis of most recent theories and provide a professional interpretation.
SINTERFACE Technologies e.K
Müggelseedamm 70
12587 Berlin

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